Natural Living

From a conservation perspective, Kanonberg is indeed unique.

Being part of the conservation seam of the adjacent Tygerberg Nature Reserve, Kanonberg offers spectacular views over the mountains of the Boland.  In addition, the Tygerberg Nature Reserve can be experienced first-hand, with sightings of antelope and scarce bird species a special bonus.

Eager to preserve the rural atmosphere of the original Kanonberg farm, we will be planting an additional 750 trees, 22 500 shrubs and 22 700 groundcovers.  In order to ensure that views, trees and streams within the Estate are protected and conserved, we have planned more parks than is usually required within new residential developments.

The farm was one of 35 original signal posts in the surrounding mountains, which meant that a shot or two were fired every now and then to warn inhabitants of enemy ships entering Table Bay Harbour.